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Ron Schrama
Posted Mar 09 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone,
Im pretty new to Framer and currently learning it, but got a question. I'm trying to get a card flip at the end of my onboarding flow. Now I found this example: But I got some problems. When I use that code for only my last 2 screens (so end flow > normal page) it works, but when I try to put it at the end of my flow it uses the first and fourth (instead of fourth and fifth) screen. And the flip won't work correctly but acts like a book page that you flip. I don't understand everything that happens in that code yet, but am I missing something basic?
And is it possible to change the onClick to 1 element instead of entire page? If I edit the card[0] to klaar4 it removes the entire card flip animation and fades into the other screen.
This is how it reacts now:

Thanks for any help