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Mike Paggi
Posted Mar 08 - Read on Facebook

I'm programmatically creating layers/pages in a Pagecomponent to cycle through in a carousel like way with some onboarding images. When it gets to the end I want it to start to the first page...the thing is I wanted to be smart and use a for-loop for this but the layer name is the same for all. changing the "name" property doesn't help here it still seems them separately. anyway i can tell it to go to the first page when i get to the last? I can get the reference but just can't apply it back to using that to snap to that page.


Sergey Voronov by Jonas Treub :)

Mike Paggi

nevermind I got it :-)

Mike Paggi

Utils.interval 3, ->
if is "GettingStartedPageTemplate3"

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