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Lionel Cordier
Posted May 08 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys, anyone know if you can use mousewheel on a flow component? I tried stuff based on scroll.mouseWheelEnabled = true , but no luck.


Jonas Treub

What are you trying to achieve?

Lionel Cordier

using mousewheel in a flow ;-)

Lionel Cordier

or maybe if there is a bug on my side: I can only scroll with touch+drag

Jonas Treub

There is an undocumented function to get the wrapping scroll component. To allow for mousewheel scrolling you need to enable it on that scroll component. Here is an example:

Lionel Cordier

Aaah excellent ! thanks you save my day ! scroll = flow._wrappedLayer(content) is key :-)

Jeroen de Jong

Thanks for this answer Jonas Treub! Do you know why mouse scrolling does not have the nice bouncy effect? And seems I have to set this for every screen after its done animating?

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