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Philippe Côté
Posted Mar 08 - Read on Facebook

Hello Framer group,

I have a non-Framer but design process related question that maybe some of you could answer.

Does someone work at Facebook here? We trying to start a web-based app that contains HTML/CSS/JS + WordPress (for now only) + database.

How do you iterate on multiple working designs and push newer versions online without screwing up the database? Each time we try something in WP, it modifies the DB... but we eventually want to merge data from the test DB with the current DB.

Any ideas or best practice suggestions from Facebook?

Feel free to answer me in private message if it's better that way.

Thank you very much.


Brian Williams

Data /structure doesn't necessarily correlate directly with how the information is displayed. Only how it relates to other bits of data.

Brian Williams

for example.

a dog table with dogs in it might have a table with the following colums



What you do with that information and where you display it has little to do with the data . You could have one page with just the names listed out in a UL with a link to a details page which has the rest of the information.

I think they are separate concerns and should be dealt with as such.

If the datas shape has completely changed then you are doing a rewrite and either need to do a migration of the schema or a migration of the data

Philippe Côté

Alright, thanks for your answer Brian!

Meanwhile, I've stumbled upon this website here: At quick glance, would you think what they describe there matches what we aim to do?

Thank you.

Lukas Guschlbauer

Not sure if I got the question, but I work with vvv for local development and use wordmove to push the modified files to other environments.

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