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Celeste DeMartis
Posted Mar 07 - Read on Facebook

I feel like I'm missing something pretty basic about running a prototype on a mobile device... unless I'm using mirror, the browser chrome covers the top and bottom part of my prototype rendering it unusable. Any way to get around this??


Tarun Chakravorty

If you are prototyping on ios, you can use apps like Frameless - or Frames - or the official Framer iOS app -

For android you should be able to use similar apps that are basically a full screen browser.

Brian Williams

you can get rid of the chrome in most browsers

Jurre Houtkamp

Your browser should give you a prompt to open the prototype in the framer app on iOS. If not you can also copy the link and paste it in the iOS app through 'links' at the bottom

Celeste DeMartis

I'm trying to decide the clearest way to get users through to run the prototype on their mobile device. Hoping I can give the instruction to run framer preview and then open the link without issue. Otherwise I'm contemplating having them just run on desktop to avoid these issues, but then we've lost the native feel...

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