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Wouter Van de Kamp
Posted Mar 06 - Read on Facebook

Hi all. I need a little help on some prototype that I'm working on. I have two page components that interact with each other. Borrowed a sample of Jonas Treub for that and modified it a bit. The problem I'm having right now is that the bottomPageComponent is not center aligned on the x-axis... Which I would love to have, because right now if I use the bottom page component I can't reach the last page of the top page component.

Basically I would like to manipulate the top page component with the bottom one and vice-versa.

This might sound a bit weird. So I've attached my project so far over here:


Jonas Treub

Hi Wouter! You were almost there. Instead of adding margins around the Page Component its content layers its easiest to make the page component just as big as its content. Then you can just center the Page Component itself. Here you go:

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