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Gabriel Lovato
Posted Mar 06 - Read on Facebook

Repeating animation & AnimationEnd

On animations with a repeat option, it looks like AnimationEnd fires after the first execution of the anim, and not at the end of all repeats. This means there is no way to start a new animation after all repeats have ended. So far I can mitigate this by setting a delay on the 2nd anim, but it seems dirty. Is there another, more final event I should be listening to? Can't find in the docs...



Gabriel Lovato

Also note how it doesn't fire at *every* repeat, which also would make sense.

Steve Ruiz

Try making a function that triggers both Animation.start() and onAnimationEnd, and calls itself after the animation ends.

Aalok Trivedi

I really wish onAnimationEnd was handled better in framer. It should be event and instance specific instead of global where another call to it later will effect the first one.

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