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Joel Califa
Posted Mar 06 - Read on Facebook

Hey, I'm trying to animate the height on something and it's not only killing the framework, but seriously lengthening the animation time from 0.3 to over a second. Any idea what's up?

While that's happening, I'm also scaling up a clipped layer inside it. I don't think that's the issue though.


Tarun Chakravorty

can you provide an example? Maybe its just an issue of height animations not being performant, when combined with other animations?

Joel Califa

Odd, it seems to work well on the cloud, but not in the app?

Tarun Chakravorty

Commenting out the height animation code seems to make it work smoothly (within framer studio).

You could consider setting up this animation in a manner where you don't have to clip the photo / reduce its height to achieve this effect. For example, having a (tall/portrait) white rectangle that animates (its x position) over the top of the photo while it scales (with the rest of the animations) might work 🤔. Depends on how you are planning to use the full proto when you are done, but as long as there are no height animations things should be smooth.

Brian Williams

Does it use css animation or js? If it doesnt use css animation maybe setting up a class with the transition and then adding/ removing it might be the more performant way to do it.

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