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Ian McClure
Posted Mar 04 - Read on Facebook

I see "backgroundColor: null" quite a bit in projects. I keep wanting to change that to "backgroundColor: 'transparent.'" Coming from swift, nil—their version of null—is used to say that this object doesn't exist. Transparent in this case is a specific value and not no value.

Is this just me being used to a different convention? I realize this is kind of nitpicky but I see it happen a fair amount.


Radek Kyselý

Two things:
1) You can use "transparent" as a value to backgroundColor. What's the deal?
2) Can I steal your cover photo? :D

Brian Williams

You can use transparent and null is more ubiquitous than nil

Peter Gr

Figure I'd ask this here -- is there any difference between setting the bgcolor to 'none' vs. 'transparent'? I use 'none' all the time

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