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Benjamin Den Boer
Posted Mar 14 - Read on Facebook

Happy Friday Frameristas! We're excited to introduce a nifty new addition to the Framer Library: the RangeSliderComponent. It creates a slider with two knobs, useful for defining and editing numeric ranges. Like price filters!

Simple example:
Price filter example:
Read Docs:


Jeongmin Kim

Thank you! I think I would be like this new feature.

Wonjun Song

Hot fiyah

Fran Pérez

This is awesome, but where is TextLayer? :P

Gideon Carstens

Great stuff guys!

Calob Mejias

OMG THANK YOU! I am making a data viz prototype that needs this :)

John Lee

lovely, my nan also loved it ;)

Jon Madison

Zichao see this? reminds me of something you guys may have used a few prototypes ago:)

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