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Stewart Murrie
Posted Mar 03 - Read on Facebook

Hello Frameristas!

I ran into an unexpected situation tonight with version control and Framer Cloud.

I had a prototype, call it PrototypeA, which I uploaded to Framer Cloud when I was done, and then checked into source control (Perforce in this case).

Then I branched my code in Perforce to create PrototypeB—this effectively created a duplicate copy of the code but in a new directory with a new name.

Then I opened PrototypeB in Framer, made some changes, and uploaded that to Framer Cloud, expecting it to create a new prototype, but instead it updated PrototypeA in the cloud (adding a new version to the existing one).

So, two questions:

1. can I undo this, so PrototypeA in the cloud is as it was previously (effectively, can I delete a single version)?

2. how can I prevent this happening again? (I assume there is some metadata stashed in a file that controls where it uploads to).

And bonus question 2a: is branching a prototype not a good idea? Are there other metadata settings that get copied that really should be uniquely created for each project?



Jonas Treub

If you use "Save As" it should change the ☁️-id. How did you make the duplicate?

Stewart Murrie

I made the duplicate by branching in Perforce and giving it a new name. I'll try Save As and see if that helps. Thanks!

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