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Nate Davis
Posted Mar 04 - Read on Facebook

Hello community. I am trying to hide some dot indicators for an on boarding experience I am creating. I downloaded and modified an on boarding template, it uses the Page component to wrap all of the pages together and below that in the code are the the dot indicators (see attached screenshots).

There are 5 screens in the Page component and the 5th is a login screen so I want the dots to fade away as you swipe to the last page and the login screenshot appears. Right now I am using “page.on "change:currentPage", ->” simply because that is how I am triggering the animations on the other screens as they appear.

Thought I could apply the same method to the dots, however I am having a problems. I can get the active dot to hide, however I cannot get all of the others dots to go away. I believe it’s doing something with an array but I am a super noob with framer at the moment. What am I doing wrong here? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


Nate Davis

Indicator vs indicators? How do I call that out.

Aalok Trivedi

I don't think you need the second change:currentPage event. Put the if statement inside the for loop of the first change:currentPage event. In the second one, you're not referring the indicators array. That's why it's only changing the last dot

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