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Johan Strömgren
Posted Mar 03 - Read on Facebook

Hey, what's the best hardware platform to look at if you'd like to use Framer to prototype connected objects? Particle? Arduino?


Nikolaj Dam Roadley-Battin

Depends on your experience coding and what type of objects you intend to make:

Arduino is fairly simple to use, because it is backed by a great community. But for the most part, you will have a lot of soldering and wires.

Particle is awesome because of the easy wireless setup, but a bit more complicated to code for and you still have the wires.

SAM Labs is great for quick wireless prototypes, which is easy to setup with MIDI. However, battery and flexibility is a bigger issue here.

Johan Strömgren

Thanks so much for the detailed answer, Nikolaj! <3 I'm not an experienced coder by any stretch of the imagination, but I've played around a bit with Arduino in the past and experimented with Framer and Firebase quite recently, so I hope I'll be able to muddle along. No particular project in mind right now — I'm just looking to learn — but I'm thinking wired power, wifi, two-way communication!

Jordan Robert Dobson

I had a lot of success with Particle and Marc Krenn's module.

Marc Krenn

Johan, having worked on a bunch of Framer <-> hardware projects my advice is: If you can live with a few milliseconds of latency, get a Particle photon and use my module here:

Johan Strömgren

Thanks a lot, guys! I'm definitely getting myself a Photon as well.

Shiv Kehr

Vanessa Slavich

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