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Mushon Zer-Aviv
Posted Mar 02 - Read on Facebook

Newbie question:
What do you respond to a #web developer question:
"How do I integrate this Framer prototype into the product?"

I know Handoff starts addressing some copy/pasting of spring values but I need to send web developers a guide along the lines of "so the designer just sent me a link to this Framer prototyping thing… now what?"


Dominik Sebian

Simply rebuild it. Framer Prototypes are for UX/UI testing. If it's working like you want it to, then build it in production. These Prototypes aren't meant to be taken into production.

Mushon Zer-Aviv

OK. These prototypes are written in Javascript (Coffescript), and they will need to be implemented in Javascript again, are there no best practices for devs to do that swiftly and elegantly? At least some way for them to review the code and adapt it into their own environments? Whether it is Angular, React, Typescript or whatever? I know Framer recommends using Velocity.JS, but I couldn't find even one Help page or blog post that reviews how would such a transition look like.

Dominik Sebian

If I'm right Velocity.js is just for the Animations. The rest has to be build in HTMl/CSS I guess.

Mushon Zer-Aviv

That's what I'm guessing, but I wish I didn't have to guess. Right now I have to mumble in front of the developers who really don't know what I expect them to do with this and how do I expect them to accurately replicate the prototype. :/

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