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Joshua Asokanthan
Posted Mar 02 - Read on Facebook

Is it possible to use ES6 in Framer Studio rather than Coffeescript?


Brian Williams

I mean using this with

And there is very little you are gaining from framer studio in actuality. Even the deployment to devices and templates are things that can be quite easily implemented by yourself.

That and, isnt framer just using this library vanilla but compiling coffee down to js. So with that in mind you could probably transpile back to coffee if needed

using something like

Radek Kyselý

It is possible. Just write your ES6 code between backticks, like
var dot = new Layer({ width: 80, height: 80 })

Koen Bok

Just with hacks for now. We are researching a move to ES6.

Jon Madison

Not to my knowledge. But you can always code outside the editor, export your clssses and import via "the npm method" (see "modules") in the docs.

Framer will automatically reload your prototype if what you're working on is in the same directory or lower.

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