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Raymond Uphoff
Posted Feb 28 - Read on Facebook

I'm wondering how I can dynamically add a layer instance as child to multiple layers? I've tried layerA.addChild next, layerB.addChild and next.parent = layerA, next.parent = layerB. Next (it's a button) only appended to last layer instance. It doesn't make sense to make 2 instances of a layer with same properties. What to do what to do?

I'm also thinking about making radios. Say you're going te prototype a form. Radios and Checkboxes could be scattered around the prototype. To make 20 instances of a layer with same properties, events and handlers is tedious and cluttering the editor. What is best practice? it would be neat like check = new Checkbox, or agreeYes = new Radio or maybe myRadios = new Radiogroup and passing some parameters.


Raymond Uphoff

Okay add an instance to 2 instances doesn't make sense when I'm reading back my post. Adding a Next-button to several screens does make sense. I've made a little doodle to explain myself;

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