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Ray Alexander
Posted Feb 28 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone...

I had uploaded a group of prototypes to a private server a few months ago.

I went back to them yesterday and half of them were broken?

I had to reopen them in Framer, update them, and then reupload them.

Is this something I should expect? My previous assumption was that completed prototypes were closed ecosystems that could be dropped on a server, left for a long period of time, and would still work.

What do I need to do to ensure that my prototypes will have a long shelf life?



Koen Bok

Could you send an example to me at [email protected] so I can see what happened?

Ray Alexander

i have already updated the prototypes (apparently opening them in framer, re-saving them, and re-uploading them worked)

Ray Alexander

but they were showing either a blank white screen initially, or the mobile viewer with a red bar along the bottom that said something to the effect of " is not recognized" or something like that

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