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Chris Scicluna
Posted Feb 26 - Read on Facebook

Hi, I am trying to do a card interface where you can swipe them off view ala tinder but upwards and downwards instead of sideways. I managed to create a loop to generate the cards but funnily enough when I drag a card (e.g. named layer1) it gets dragged but it is being recognised as the last layer (layer4). Could you point me towards what I am doing wrong please? Here is the link to the project


Chris Scicluna

Wow didn't expect help this quick and it worked! Thanks a lot Daniel!

Seb Bailey

I've actually done a very similar thing to this. Unfortunately I can't share the project with you because of business rules.
But what I ended up doing was creating a module that took an array of "cards" and then built the stack from them. And on the end of every drag event I changed the index value of every card to 'move up one level'. I then looped through the array and set the top card (with index == 0) as draggable true and all the others as draggable false. Worked like a charm and meant that I could do things like emit a change of "currentCard" and animate the deck moving up a position.

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