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Petr Stepanek
Posted Feb 24 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone :-) I basically *just* started with Framer. Went trough a couple of tutorials on Skillshare, Sketchcasts and now trying each from your YT channel. I'm a little stuck with the ImageDetail prototype, where I'm unable to get Framer to run the code again and again for each and every image. If you could please spend a minute and have a look at this and tell me where I'm doing something wrong. I believe I followed the tutorial step by step, yet prototype only works on any image, yet after the code runs, not on any other image. The prototype can be found here:


Petr Stepanek

Oh. I just solved it! I had .ignoreEvents set to false for image in images, not for layer in images at the very end of the code.

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