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Josh Max Rubinstein
Posted Feb 28 - Read on Facebook

I am having trouble sorting out Framer Handoff for animations with curves that were not set up in Autocode-animations. Is there a way to Handoff those animations? Or a way to convert those to Autocode-animations?


Krijn Rijshouwer

Hey Josh. Yes! Make sure you use the latest Animation API. For example Spring(damping: 0.4) instead of "spring(300,20,0)". So no longer enter strings as the curve parameter.

Josh Max Rubinstein

Krijn Rijshouwer Thanks for the tip. In Autocode I am not seeing all the options for a "classic" Spring animation...only time and dampening.

This is the example: curve: Spring(tension: 300, friction: 25, dampening: 0) I am having trouble recreating with the new API.

I am also having trouble getting State Animation to be enabled.

Josh Max Rubinstein

Krijn Rijshouwer Any tips for me about my Handoff questions? I would be grateful for your feedback.

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