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Matthew Joseph Kulp
Posted Feb 24 - Read on Facebook

Hey all,

I am loving Handoff and so is my iOS developer.

However, my Android developer is a little disappointed that it seemingly doesn't work with Android's native animations (Interpolator). She's open to putting Rebound into the project but not if there is a good way to do this natively.

Before we go forth with Rebound, we want to be sure there is not an easy way to translate Framer spring values into native Android code.

Has anyone found a good way to translate Framer springs into native Android code?

Also, if Rebound is definitely the way to go, why? What would be some selling points for it beyond seamless Framer handoffs (this will help me sell to the team)?



Dominik Sebian

Would be interesting for me as well :) And is there anything coming in the future for exporting as css keyframe animation maybe? :)

Aalok Trivedi

Checkout the material design spec site for motion. They provide CSS equivalent bezier curves that you can use in framer, so you don't really need anything else. I don't think it mentions anything about spring animations though

Matthew Joseph Kulp

Aalok Trivedi - That's what we've done in the past. To the best of my knowledge the only way to 'do' springs with bezier curves is to string them together. It's quite tedious and imperfect because you have to do it by eye.

It pains me to think that iOS will get exactly what I designed in an instant and Android will get an approximation after alot of fussing around with Bezier curves. :(

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