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Riley Hollobaugh
Posted Feb 24 - Read on Facebook

Question regarding The ScrollComponent created by a FlowComponent. I'm trying to make the content scroll to the top of the page when conditions are meet, but whenever I try to change an element of the ScrollComponent (example: scrollComponent.scrollY = 200) I get a "variable not found error" despite the object being in the heiarchy. The objects name is "scrollComponent". Is the object intentionally uneditable? Unfortunetly, I'm unable to share the project file.


Eelco Lempsink

Hi Riley, while the name of the object is ‘scrollComponent’, that does not automatically mean it’s also available as a variable. Because there’s only one Scroll Component that get’s reused for different pages, probably the best way to access it is to ‘walk’ the layer hierarchy using the variable you easily *do* have access to, namely the page, so, for example `page.parent.parent` will be the Scroll Component. See:

Riley Hollobaugh

Thank you and good to know! Works like a charm now.

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