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Uwe Martin
Posted Feb 24 - Read on Facebook

So, I imported a PSD with 16 buttons. Now I want to animate each of them using a onMouseOver event. My plan is to populate an array with all the buttons and animate them by the index.

My problem is that my array of imported PSD elements does not consist of layers. Is there a way to get an array of imported elements as layers, without having to set up and push them for each button?


Isa Bison

Imported elements should come in as layers. e.g. psd1.myItem should be a layer.

Isa Bison

Framer's import returns an object with properties that correspond to layer names, and with each property having, as its value, a layer.

Isa Bison

You can loop through the properties of the object that the import returns:

Uwe Martin

Thank you, looks promising :)

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