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Christopher von Boisterous
Posted Feb 24 - Read on Facebook

Hello everyone, I currently have a problems with "Swipe Events" on the IPad. Everything works fine on my Mac. Anyone has similar problems? Or maybe the problem is in my code ;)


Radek Kyselý

Hey Christopher, the problem is in reading ›event.offsetX/Y‹ value. This is pretty weird behavior of Framer, that doesn't return all ›event‹ values correctly on touch devices.

The solution is to compute these offset values on your own from properties that work on touch devices. I always try using event.touchCenter as it never let me down.
The parseInt() part is optional, it converts float value to integer.

Then in your if statements, replace event.offsetX/Y with X/Y variables :)

Christopher von Boisterous

Radek Kyselý Thank you Radek :) I hope I can someday return the favor

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