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Kevin Mao
Posted Mar 01 - Read on Facebook

TL;DR: Framer noob here. Kind of blindly played with prototype until things worked. Would love any feedback and advice for improving the code or design. Thanks!

I've finally gotten around to learning Framer, and it's been awesome. Made part of a calculator with entry history.

First I used layer.draggable to build the dropdown and it turned out pretty hacky. Then I realized I could do this with a PageComponent, but that was even trickier for my slow brain. I'm not even sure what I did in there anymore... I left both methods in code folds so you can try both. I'm really new to coding, so I would love some critique on my code.

Happy to be sharing here after learning by osmosis from everyone in this group for so long!


Agisilaos Tsaraboulidis

Looking great!!!

Brian Bailey

Strong work, Kevin!

Jordan Robert Dobson

This is a great idea. Way better than entering an old number. How many times have I done some math and then been like... "was it 1968 or 1986... awe crap!"

Jihoon Suh

Cool! How did you get the gausian blur effect?

Georgemaine Lourens

This a clever idea! Good job dude

Lukas Guschlbauer

Nice job! I think I'm gonna make a rebound of this with actual functionality as an exercise! :)

Ankit Joshi

This is awesome start!! Think am in the same boat when it comes to hacking a how long did this take you?

Phakphum Wanpen

This is awesome

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