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Steve Ruiz
Posted Feb 24 - Read on Facebook

Yesterday I posted a table to show how to use simple data to model more complex interfaces. Here's an even simpler example of that approach.


Steve Ruiz

And a more complicated, less commented, and very ugly example of what this can do.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Mind if I add this to ?


Markus Ölhafen

hey Steve Ruiz, thanks for the example, but I have one question:
In the removeDog function you use _.pull(dogListArray, thisDog) in line 92
What does the underscore do? I've seen this before in other prototypes, but never fully understood where it comes from. Maybe you can explain that to me, or give me some reference where I can read more about it :)

Steve Ruiz

Aha, that's one of Framer's secret strengths, Lodash, which is a library of very common utility methods all attached to the _ object. (It took me a while to realise the _ was an object, like Layer or Utils, rather than part of the language's syntax.) Since Framer has the Lodash library built in, we can use these methods right away. I could have written my own way of removing an object from an array, but it's almost always better to use one that already exists and works, so I checked Lodash and used its pull method instead. Check the documentation below, though you'll have to be able to translate it from javascript to coffeescript.

Markus Ölhafen

Steve Ruiz awesome, thanks! This seems like a great library from what I've read so far. I'll try to use it in my next prototype :)

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