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Roman Bitter
Posted Feb 23 - Read on Facebook

Hi all! I've been struggling with 2 issues and would appreciate your take on them. As you can see in video (or live prototype below):

1) when pins on the map change their state (changing background image) they flicker; I can't figure out why: I am using preloader -with no luck

2) the showPrevious in Flow component works but the transition itself is broken - this is the case in Framer studio and in browsers as well. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Any ideas about any of these issues?

Live prototype:



Jonas Treub

Hi Roman. I see that you are hosting the active pin images on another domain. Have you tried putting them inside the project?

Jonas Treub

The back transition from screen_detail and screen_map isn't correct because these layer sizes do not match the screen size.

Example fix:
screen_map = new Layer size: Screen

Roman Bitter

Jonas, yes, I tried storing the images locally - I changed it to a different domain just because I was trying everything I could think of. I'll definitely try the transition fix. Thank you!

Jonas Treub

The best way to preload the images is to put them on invisible layers. That way they already exist in the browser cache.

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