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Nikolaj Dam Roadley-Battin
Posted Feb 22 - Read on Facebook

Hi again,

I have a quick question about mirror options in Framer.

Basically, I have a prototype which relies on the MIDI Component (Which is running in my browser, as the MIDI Devices are connected to my laptop.)

However, I would love to have the graphical output displayed on a phone. But the MIDI Component is not a feature used on the iPhone, hence it crashes. Is there a way, without going through Firebase or other I/O components, that I can simply mirror my graphical content on the phone?

Example of my ideal case: I have a MIDI controller connected to my computer. Framer reads the value and changes the state of a progress bar. My phone should then displays this progress bar, changing just as it does on my computer.

I hope this makes sense, and you have an idea to solve this :) I would love to share some work if I get this running.


Nikolaj Dam Roadley-Battin

I realise that screen sharing is a fix, but it would be nice to keep it as simple as possible. :D

Jordan Robert Dobson

So are you saying you want one prototype to talk to the other one?

Jordan Robert Dobson

Here's what I *think* you would have to do but in reverse...

Jordan Robert Dobson

Also, seems like you could use webRTC if you built it for chrome and your device was an android phone. :D

Jordan Robert Dobson
Nikolaj Dam Roadley-Battin

Ahh, thanks Jordan. All great references, but I was hoping for something much simpler. I've done Socket.IO via Node before, but those whom I shared the code with quickly felt overwhelmed by all the steps you have to go through.

It is not really a true communication between prototypes I need, more that they share the same prototype, instead of multiple instances. :)

Worst case scenario will do a screen share of my browser to the iPhone.

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