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O'Ryan McEntire
Posted Mar 08 - Read on Facebook

Since updating to the latest Framer version loading modules takes anywhere from 30-60 seconds EVERY SINGLE TIME A CHANGE IS MADE. It's incredibly frustrating to make a tiny edit on a very small file and then come back to framer studio only to have it hang.

Is anyone else having this issue? Everyone on my team is having this issue with different files.


Niels van Hoorn

Hmm, that sounds like a bug. We did change some things around a couple of releases back, but that shouldn't result in this. Are you using a lot of modules? Can your share your prototype with us?

O'Ryan McEntire

So we finally figured out what the issue was here and it was pretty silly.

We have to create lots of versions of the same prototype with different content for pitch work we do. So we created a template framer project. This project just gets copied into a new project folder and we build off of it.

The problem was one of the modules was often left empty because we don't always need it. This empty module was causing Framer Studio to hang for 30-60 seconds on every file change. Removing it solved the problem.

However I wanted to post this here in the off chance this is some weird framer studio bug with dealing with empty module files.

Niels van Hoorn

Thanks for the update! Do you still have that faulty module file? Could you zip it and send it to [email protected]? I'm not sure, but it could be that it looks empty but contains some weird characters that choke up the module builder.
The whole project would be even better :)

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