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Jon Knoland Blair
Posted Feb 24 - Read on Facebook

If framer studio could support multiple files, that would be a dream come true.


Jordan Robert Dobson

How do you mean?

Jon Knoland Blair

Some way to open multiple files, so larger projects could be better organized. Currently have to edit modules in another editor, then import them into the main framer file.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I typically write my modules in Framer and once I'm fairly confident I'm not editing it anymore I'll move the code to a module.

Julian Sharifi

I also use a lot of modules and keep sublimetext open alongside framerstudio

Brian Williams

you could just use a different text editor

Brian Williams

If you dont want to run the rendering in a client then you can always just run it along side the text editor and when you save it will pick up the file changes as its monitoring the app file.

Anthony Custable

If they would create a plugin for Adobe Illustrator like they did with Sketch, that would be a dream come true.

Leonid Nazarov

I really want the ability to create your own templates. A new file is not an empty file but a template with my modules and code.

Jon Madison

They have these tabs, i got so stoked, but they weren't what i thought they were. :( I keep sublime in a window next to it. it's not half bad, in that the prototypes reload on save.

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