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Richard Bruskowski
Posted Feb 21 - Read on Facebook

How does framer figure out which Sketch files it should import, when I am working with several files? Any idea? I am juggling with about 4 files simultaneously (to keep import times sane), and I can't get behind it. My workaround is to close both, Framer and Sketch, and restart Sketch while opening the one file only I want to (re-) import right now.
Thank you!


Swapnil Borkar

I read in a comment on a different post that it selects files which are grouped and the groups should be selected.

Aalok Trivedi

Yea it's annoying. It picks the active window sketch file. I wish you could pick from a list of active sketch files. What I usually do is minimize the other sketch files (or move that file to a new desktop window) and keep the one I want to import on screen. Also helps if framer and the sketch file are on the same desktop window

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