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Krn Rby
Posted May 05 - Read on Facebook

Hello everyone, I am currently trying to disable scrolling in a flow component. I am using this :
flow.showNext(layerA, scroll:false)
but it doesn't seem to work. I still have a scroll component created by default... Do you have any idea why ? thx :)


Boney Yeldho

Hello Krn Rby. Did you find a solution ? I am also having a similar issue

Krn Rby

unfortunately no... I ended up here by re-searching a solution since I have the problem again...

Krn Rby

Boney Yeldho just found a solution. I accessed the scroll component from a children layer. Targerting it via children_layer.parent.parent (just children_layer.parent will target the content layer) and disable the scroll. here is what I did : children_layer.parent.parent.scroll = false

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