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Lukas Guschlbauer
Posted Feb 21 - Read on Facebook

Heyo! I guess this should rather be an improvement filed on Github, but I'll try it here:

I've been fiddling around with Steve Ruiz createClass for Framer Module and integrated the TextLayer Module which makes creating a class almost perfect, but everything apart from textlayers has a backgroundImage set, so you can't modify the looks of it.

As I've investigated the "layers.json" file I saw that the export from Sketch only gives you "artboard, text & group" as "kind"-properties.

Layers of the "text"-kind get all styles saved in the metadata, but groups just have a backgroundImage set. If those group-Layers had the styles stored in the metadata too, soon there wouldn't be many images (apart from layers that use an image as fill) needed in a sketch-import anymore...

Add the metadata for shape-layers the same way as for text-layers!

Imagine following Sketch-Import scenario:
- While import from Sketch, symbols get detached and for each SymbolMaster (where SymbolInstances are used) a class is being created
- Every SymbolInstance in the prototype is being replaced with a class-instance.

Looking at the pull-requests on GitHub gets me really excited for the near future of Framer! ;)


Steve Ruiz

I'll take a look at this tonight, really interested to see what you've come up with.

Sergio Reynoso

Thank you for your efforts. I only have two issues with using the TextLayer class; the first one is the lack of the support for the line break tag <br>. This becomes a pain when you get those last-minute copy changes you wish you could just do right on Framer. Second, the proto looks way off if I send a client a link, and they don't have installed the custom fonts used in the design.

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