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Alex David
Posted Feb 19 - Read on Facebook

I have a question for when I have multiple screens that animate on top of one another, and the best practices for how to ignore any events from pages that live behind.
For reference I have uploaded a test framer file that illustrates my issue. I click the "right button" to animate the orange screen in to view. But I am still able to click the "left button" from the mint screen even though it is behind the orange screen.


Alex David

Andrew Liebchen

`ignoreEvents` is the way to go...but have you looked at the new FlowComponent? It might make your life a lot easier ;)

Kim Does

What I've also done in the past is put an event listener on the background of each "screen" that does nothing. This way it will prevent any events from going through.

Don't know if this is a smart approach though. But it's pretty low effort.

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