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Johann Kasuch
Posted Feb 24 - Read on Facebook

hey guys!
i need your help. Right now my class looks something like this. But i want to refer to an individual array everytime i create a button. How do i achieve that?


Johann Kasuch

This might explain it a bit more.

Jordan Robert Dobson

How many arrays though?

Jordan Robert Dobson

So you could pass the array in...

Jordan Robert Dobson

Btn = newButton
collection: array1

For setup...

Jordan Robert Dobson

In your constructor...

options.collection?.push @

Douwe Homans

If you want to have an individual array per button you should use an instance variable. (like you have now for @width)

@width = 300
@array = []

You can then do:

button3 = new Button
print button3.array

button4 = new Button
print button4.array

Johann Kasuch

Great! Thanks :)

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