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Lee Jungyoung
Posted Feb 17 - Read on Facebook

Hey framerians,
Big thanks for Handoff feature of newly updated version. I've noticed that you changed Spring animation more similar to iOS syntax. Now we can write something like "Spring(damping: 0.5)"

However, it works really well for each animation curve but not in Default Animation area. Please take a look at this example below. Weird thing is that just "Spring" works fine but "Spring(damping: 0.5)" doesn't.

Thanks !


Lee Jungyoung

here is link for that simple code.

Kenneth Spry

Nice find.

Niels van Hoorn

Thanks for reporting, will try to fix soon!

Niels van Hoorn

I've just pushed a fix for this problem to master, so you can choose "Update Framer Library" from the File-menu to get it

Friðgeir Torfi Ásgeirsson

Wow that was quick!

Matthew Joseph Kulp

Just ran into this same issue!

Matthew Joseph Kulp

Niels - your fix worked great. Thank you!

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