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Lindsay Trevors
Posted Feb 16 - Read on Facebook

Hey Framer friends, I'm a designer learning the Framer ropes and for this proto so far I had a lot of help from a dev. I have a couple of things I'm trying to achieve on my own that I'd love to have your help with.

1) I have 2 draggable layers, one nested in another (Card E). Is there a way I can prevent the parent layer being dragged when I'm dragging the nested layer?

2) How can I have a message appear (as in, revealing a hidden layer) only once a parent's child layers have all been destroyed?

Here's my proto for context:
I have a first pass at pseudo code at the bottom that I hope articulates the above.

Thanks so much in advance!


Lindsay Trevors

Update: solved 2 with:

if $.cards.children.length == 0
opacity: 1

which needed to be placed under myParent.destroy()

Lukas Guschlbauer

Didn't look into the code, but I think #1 should work like:

child.on Events.DragMove, ->
parent.draggable = false

(I'm on my phone, so that's the best I can do..! ^^ )

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