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Charlie Chao
Posted Feb 16 - Read on Facebook

Hey all, I made an unofficial prototype of an inline color picker for Framer Studio. A frustration I have is that I often find myself opening up Photoshop or Kuler just to find the color I want to include in my prototype. I believe designers would benefit from being able to see and manipulate colors in the code without leaving the editor. This prototype shows what the interaction could be like albeit having a basic picker UI for demonstration:

Let me know what you think πŸ˜€


Melih Bilgil

A bigger preview of the color in edit mode would be great. :) but very good

Javier Eduardo TreviΓ±o

This is good although I would prefer a normal color picker like the one in Sketch

Koen Bok

This is super cool and we experimented with this. But what we found out time and time again is that editor interaction gets really complicated quickly, so we went the auto-code route. But we might experiment with it again because of your prototype!

Mehdi Othmane

Nice 😲

Ray Yip

I think the awkward part is when the text cursor moving across the color block. It's just like a special character. I think the best way to visualize the color value is to show it as a text background behind the value while holding Command key. Distractless. Click at this time to popup the panel.

Orfeo Chen

Sweet! That, if implemented, would save my life from the frequent round trip between Sketch and Framer. It would also be much appreciated if the auto-code color picker could be improved.

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