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Niels van Hoorn
Posted Feb 16 - Read on Facebook

Hey Frameristas,

We’re happy to introduce Framer Handoff, the key to making your engineer’s life easier, while keeping your designs true to form.

We’ve updated our syntax and animation API to make it super simple to define spring curves. From there, it’s now just a simple right-click to share converted animation values with support for iOS, Android and Web. This is the first of many post-prototyping features we hope to launch, so leave a comment if you have any related feature ideas!

Read the feature page for the full breakdown —


Agisilaos Tsaraboulidis

You guys rock!!! Keep the updates coming!

Bruno Silva

Hi guys I tried did a quick test here but appears not working. how should be to appear the option for copy/paste :)

Steven de Lange

Hugo Noorlander, Neo Cheung, Michiel Essen

Anton Kartashov

Great stuff! It's one of the most awaited features! Have only one question: you also recommend Pop, Velocity and Rebound; what about SpringRK4 by Flinto?

Rafe Chisolm

Holy mother above all others...😲😲😲

German Bauer

Wow Framer guys. just wow. Thumbs up for listening to your audience! This will greatly shorten "the last mile" from proto to implementation.

Ahmet Bekteş

Amazing, this is a new type of prototyping!

Thiago Figueiredo Rocha

You are transforming and shaping the new era of the design tools... WHAT A WORK HERE NO??? This is fantastic, congrats team! 👏👏👏

Preston McCauley

How do you actually use it? I can't seem to find a link to click to export the code or anything. I've been pouring through the documentation and don't see how to use it.

Jon Brennan

Having a similar issue as Preston - does this work when defining state animation options? Also, does this work with layers imported from Sketch? Can't get that combination to work.

Kim Does

Very cool, looking forward to giving it a go tomorrow!

Orfeo Chen

There seems to be a minor bug when editing animation curves in older version projects.

Dimitri Campbell

I am so glad I bought framer last week, this is HUGE.

Dimitri Campbell

Out of curiosity, is Framer to React/React Native being considered right now?

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