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Bruno Charters
Posted Feb 15 - Read on Facebook

Hello, I'm new to Framer and I am struggling with something. I want 3 different scrolls to relate to each other. Here is a link to the project.

I want day scrolling to affect the content table horizontally and vice versa. And same goes for the hours on the left, I would like that scrolling them would update the content table vertically too. I tried scrollComponent.propagate event but it doesn't work as I had thought. Any clues?


Bruno Charters

This is the current code
scroll = ScrollComponent.wrap sketch.Calendar_Side_Times
scroll.propagateEvent = true
scroll.scrollHorizontal = false
scroll.contentInset =
bottom: -25

scroll2 = ScrollComponent.wrap sketch.Swipable

scroll3 = ScrollComponent.wrap sketch.Top
scroll3.scrollVertical = false

Bruno Charters

Edit: I managed to scroll both dates and content by putting them in the same container. But I think that's not the right way to the solution because now I cant scroll content independently.

Jonas Treub

Hi Bruno! I happen to have helped someone with an identical issue. Here is the solution:

Let me know if you need some more clarification.

Bruno Charters

Gonna give it a check. I think what I was looking was scroll.onMove ->
firstColumn.y = -scroll.scrollY

Bruno Charters

thanks a bunch! It worked
Now I just need some tweaks for the scroll feel.

Jonas Treub

Very dope!

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