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Martin Menzel
Posted Feb 15 - Read on Facebook

Hello everybody, this is my first time sharing something with the community. I have been enjoying Framer since late 2015 :) Because I haven't found a solution anywhere, I tried to create one myself.
For a medical software I wanted to create a "magnifying glass"-like feature to zoom in on a certain area of an image. You can grab the little circle and move the "lens" next to it around. For this example I used a wallpaper from Transistor by Jen Zee as image. I'm open for suggestions how one could do this in a better and more reusable way. Maybe as part of a flipbook like application so you can zoom in on every image. Thanks! --


Jonas Treub

Cool prototype!

Its a bit hard to see where the magnifying glass is at first. Maybe you can pop it up when you mouse down on the image.

Martin Menzel

Thanks! I fixed that a little.

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