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Johannes Eckert
Posted Feb 15 - Read on Facebook

Haven't used sketch import in a while … I have one artboard the size of the phone I'm desinging for, and I want to overlay another layer that's outside of the artboard. It doesn't even get imported into Framer.

How do I bring elements from Off-screen in sketch into Framer?


Johannes Eckert

also … why are artboards always filled with white? When I create a new artboard used for an overlay it fills the arboard with white

Aalok Trivedi

I would just put it on the artboard, import it, and then use framer to set up its initial properties

Aalok Trivedi

I could be wrong (haven't tried it and probably not the greatest method), but, in Sketch, if you wrap all your layers on the artboard in a mask (a rect the size of the artboard), any element hidden by the mask is still imported

Andy Walker

Is the layer outside of the sketch artboard inside of a group? If not, try this first. Alternately, you can position the layer on the artboard, import to Framer and then set it's initial position outside of the viewport.

Stephen Crowley

You can expand your artboards width and put that other screen (group) inside it and just put that screen at the top on your layers panel to automatically index it. Framer's phone skin will act as a mask so you wont see that layer but you can bring it in. Or you could just create a separate art board?

Patrick McLean

right click

Johannes Eckert

Thanks Andy, Stephen and of course Patrick for your helpful comments. These are all solutions with drawbacks.

I ended up doing separate artboards, and I'm setting artboard.x = 0 to have it overlay the initial screen, then I'm offsetting the overlays in code.

Seems to be pretty OK

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