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Greg Jang
Posted Jun 08 - Read on Facebook

Framer Preview v2, all tabs are empty.
Doesn't connect to Framer Studio at all. Is there something I have to do for macOS Sierra? I'm on the new touchbar mac book pro as well. I also uploaded my framer project to the cloud but I don't know how I can access that project file from framer preview.
Since the beta Framer Preview never connected properly over wifi. It worked once then never again. Why not just have a login feature that guarantees connection?
Thank you

The app doesn't ask for any access code either.


Joe Newman

I'm having the same issue, can't get any content at all

Jonas Treub

The Framer iOS app uses Bonjour. That technology isn't compatible and/or reliable with some networks. If you can let me know what OS versions you are on, and the amount of people that are connected to the same network, I'll try to recreate those conditions.

Ban Nguyen

Ive been having the same problem since last week

Jonas Treub

That's unfortunate. Our software didn't change during that time so I wonder what might cause it. Are you running a macOS beta?

Greg Jang

Works well on my home network but not at work. Could be the router at work but don't know how I can test it...

Greg Jang

Nvm, it connected once on my home network, I exited the app, came back and not connecting anymore

Fredrik Ampler

I have the same issue. macOs sierra 10.12.5. Same office network, all empty tabs on iPad and not asked for the access code.

Amit Kaplinsky

I have also the same issue. macOS sierra 10.12.5 Framer v91. Office network never had a preview connection, while on Sketch in works fine !

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