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Henry Kim
Posted Feb 14 - Read on Facebook

Dear Framers,

For a beginner just like me, is there any good tutorials that I can follow along? I have done Framer YouTube tutorials and some of FramerCasts, but I want to learn more with different examples and resources available on the website feels a bit short.



Stephen Crowley by Mike Johnson is excellent 👌

Madhu Rajanna

Hi Mike ,Even I am looking for a beginners tutorials to get started. Can you send me too

Jacky Lee

Hey Henry I would recommend you to find a little project to try and replicate from scratch. There will be hundreds of obstacles along the way but trust me, overcoming each 'gotchas' will be the most effective way for learning the ropes. Good luck!

Benjamin Den Boer

Hiya Henry Kim — be sure to check out our Get Started guide too! :-)

Michael Masarapadi

im also a Ginner thanks Henry for asking and Ben and Jack i will also note your advice....coz one thing i have learnt in the deve world is never stop learning asking and growing or you will be a dinosaur

Dominik Sebian

Maybe go through the skillshare class :)

Henrique Gusso

What I highly recommend is replacing the objective of learning with a real project. Put something in mind that you want to create using Framer, and then stumble along putting it together while consulting the documentation and searching this group. And if you don't manage something, just ask questions as specific as you can make them and people will jump at you with answers.

You'll be further along than you think in no time.

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