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William Jansson
Posted Feb 12 - Read on Facebook

Hello framers!
Is this a bug?
I tried to create 2 custom flow transitions in a project but there seems to be a problem with the flow component's custom transitions. I also tried on the code provided in the framer docs but the same problem still occurs - I can't use any other names except for the already written "layerA" and "layerB" anywhere in the code which forces the layers into these two variables so that I am only limited to 1 custom flow transition per page, is this a bug or am I missing something? Would really appreciate some help regarding this!

Creating custom transitions with names except for layerA and layerB just won't work for me, I'll link the code from the docs below so you can try for yourself:

By the way, I'm a new user and not an expert when it comes to code and was wondering what the "nav" in
"transitionName = (nav, layerA, layerB, overlay)"
is for something? I noticed that the original source file for flow component on github uses "nav.size" instead of something like "screen.size" to make the (50% black overlay) cover the entire screen.

I feel kind of confused and would love for someone to shed some light on this since there isn't much explained about custom transitions in the docs.


Will Rice

I actually ran into the same problem on Friday. Just couldn't figure out how to change the direction the transition occurs from—the documentation is a bit iffy (or I just wasn't getting it). Ended up hand coding the flow as I was pressed for time. It would be great if this was documented a little more clearly.

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