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Rakhi Parekh
Posted Feb 12 - Read on Facebook

Hi, I am just starting to use framer and wondering if anyone has tried creating a responsive multi page web flow in framer. Looks like most of the examples are for native apps. Thoughts/Examples?


Jordan Robert Dobson

Multi page... yes. Responsive is doable but not as easy. It is possible though.

Brian Williams

The question is probably why would you bother?

Web site (web apps may be slightly different) prototying is just as quick to do with markup, css and js as it is to do any other way.

Aalok Trivedi

I agree with with Brian. Framer is already based on html, css, and js; but it uses absolute positioning, so it's going to be more trouble than it's worth. Might as well test out the responsiveness with regular markup.

Javier Eduardo Treviño

yeah, I've tried to do it before and failed miserably. RWD is at least for now quite hard to achieve in Framer because of absolute positioning and because most Framer projects are linked to a Sketch design file. What you could do is prototype different Sketch files using Auto Layout or only doing visual design and then using a framework to validate the UX ideas

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