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Chris Camargo
Posted Feb 10 - Read on Facebook

Hey Frameristos, running into a weird issue here.

This prototype is simple... just 4 layers stacked on top of one another, all inside of a single parent. I create states to move the position of the parent, sliding each layer into view vertically. Just click to trigger each state.

For some reason, on Safari on iOS, my layers disappear before they're out of view. Not an issue on my Mac.

Can anyone check this out and confirm this? I'm a bit stumped.


Jordan Robert Dobson

I think it might be an animation bug as I think that the flow component hides views it thinks should be out of view.

Jesse Campbell

Strange. Was able to fix it by changing the backgroundColor of allContent to transparent:

allContent = new Layer
width: Screen.width
height: Screen.height * 4
backgroundColor: ""

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