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Christie Gettler Tarazon
Posted Feb 15 - Read on Facebook

Hi all! Is it possible to control a framer prototype through an apple tv remote? i.e. I press the menu button on the physical remote and the prototype reacts?


Jordan Robert Dobson

Yes. Indeed.

I've used the aluminum one with success. You do need a Infrared receiver however.

I have a module you can use to set it up. And you need ControllerMate app

Jordan Robert Dobson

Let me know if you need further guidance.

Christie Gettler Tarazon

Awesome!! I'll look into this tomorrow. Do you know if it can be used in the iPad app? If not, I suppose I could control the proto through computer and mirror to the iPad...

Thanks Jordan Robert Dobson!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Nope this would all be on the Mac. You need the IR receiver for this to work.

Christie Gettler Tarazon

hmm...i see. i really need it to be on the iPad :/ .....could i map a bluetooth keyboard??

Jordan Robert Dobson

Yeah. Perhaps. What's the overall goal here?

Christie Gettler Tarazon

trying to construct some user testing on an iPad pro as it matches the eventual screen ratio for the device. there are some hardware/mechanical functions that we need to fake, that are critical to the user experience. but we don't want to put "dummy" buttons for the hardware on the UI that wouldn't really be there.

Christie Gettler Tarazon

so basically, we will have a 3d printed handheld piece and when the user "pushes" a button on the handheld device, we need the screen to update to reflect that

Jordan Robert Dobson

Also... you might be able to use midi... hmm. It's all possible not sure the best path to recommend though.

Christie Gettler Tarazon

would it help to know i only have roughly a week to make it work? lol

Christie Gettler Tarazon

this is going off like gangbusters. thank you so much for the advice. once quick question, will framer app run all of this okay on an iPod touch 5th gen? looking for a more affordable option than an iPhone for the testers to use...

Christie Gettler Tarazon

so, small issue I can't seem to solve.... when the main UI prototype loads, it executes all the "onChange" of my firebase variables I created. for example:
in remote app, define variable "buttonClicked = 0", and have buttonClicked++ ".put" it to firebase inside my click function

in firebase, create JSON entry "buttonClicked: 0"

in UI app, define variable "buttonClicked = 0" and have the firebase.get function and the firebase.onChange function for buttonClicked.

it works perfectly when I click the button on the remote. the problem is it also works immediately when the UI proto loads. I keep resetting the values in the firebase console to 0 so it shouldn't be registering a "change" event.....I also tried setting the variable to null. Any tips?

Marc Krenn

I'm a bit busy today so I'll have to keep this answer short:

As you've already noticed, .onChange not only fires when a value was changed, but also when the prototype loads; this is by (Firebase's) design.

If you don't want this to happen, you can try the following:

dataLoaded = false

firebase.onChange("/node/"), (rsp) ->
_____if dataLoaded is true # this will run on every change
__________# put your existing code here
_____else dataLoaded = true

> I keep resetting the values in the firebase console to 0 so it shouldn't be registering a "change" event.....I also tried setting the variable to null. Any tips?

That's also a value change, hence why it triggers .onChange :) There's no way to get around this, except preparing your UI prototype to handle an incoming 0 / a reset.

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