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Eyal Zaidman
Posted Jun 12 - Read on Facebook

Anyone else experiencing issues with mirroring lately?
1. It takes ages for the prototype to be mirrored on the device (almost a minute each refresh). I've tried it in 3 different places (WiFi networks)
2. Sometimes I get an old version reflected on the device
3. The prototype on my iPhone 6s plus device looks a bit different (size and scale) than on the simulator

Sierra 10.12.3
Framer 82


Leonid Nazarov

+1 for 1 and 2
Sierra 10.12, Framer 82

Ban Nguyen

Mine does not event connect anymore :( and Yes i am using the same wifi network. It worked last week though, so I don't know what's happening

Rafe Chisolm

I'm seeing a lot of my older prototypes not working in general 😬

James Carrick

Different fonts and not responsive on mine. Problems exiting software too as it doesn't save design changes on exit. Bit of a shame as it could be so good.

Nathan Wright

Yeah all kinds of problems with mirror, fonts don't load for one but that's easy fixed with CSS, rotating the device completely breaks the layout

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