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Nishant Kaku
Posted Feb 13 - Read on Facebook

is there a way to align layerA with layerB?


Jordan Robert Dobson


layerB.point = layerA.point

They will be in exactly the Same position.

or layerB.x = layerA.maxX

for them to be side by side.

Nishant Kaku

layerA = new Layer
size: 20

layerB = new Layer
size: 40

layerB.x = 200
layerB.y = 240

Can layerA be right aligned to layerB

Naheel Jawaid

Jordan Robert Dobson -- I noticed when you've scaled a layer, the min/max points stay the same as when it's at 1x scale.

Any thoughts on how to align to an edge when it's been scaled? I thought about multiplying it by the scaling factor, but it becomes a little more complicated when the origin is changing too.

Jonas Treub

Hi guys. The following example might help:

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